Arguments Against Establishment Of Wind Farms

Exploiting alternative energy has been said to be one of the best solution we have to combat the negative effects of global warming. Wind energy is one of the sources for alternative, green energy and it continues to be used in different countries all over the world. As a result, it can be difficult to understand why some communities are against wind farms being established close to them while we know it is a viable project. Some arguments seem to hold water while some are as a result of misinformation and misconceptions on what the project entails. Some of the cases against wind farms include;

Interference With The Landscape

A good number of land owners say that they don’t want these wind farms set in their farms or close to them because they mess up the aesthetic of the countryside. The windmills and other constructions on a wind farm are not small projects and they give a total new look to the landscape. It is true that the beauty of nature cannot be sidelined; however the financial and welfare benefits ought to be considered as well.


The noise from the wind turbines can be annoying and irritating to those living near the wind farms. The worst thing is that, it doesn’t stop at some point as the turbines run throughout for substantial energy to be harnessed. The noise can be heard about 550 meters away, although other noises might mask or inhibit it. For those who don’t even enjoy the economic benefits of the project, the situation is even worse for them.

dogger bank

Dogger Bank: Proposed offshore wind farm 81 miles from the east Yorkshire coast. If completed, will be the largest in the world.

Reduced Land Value

Some people claim that, the land around a wind farms cannot be used for as many purposes. There are claims the authorities won’t allow people to use the land near the wind farms as they wish, for example for fishing, hiking, livestock rearing agriculture and so on. Although they use little land space and they are located far from the access roads, some land owners still believe that one day their options will be limited.

Safety And Health Hazard

Claims that the wind turbines are making people sick have been heard in various regions. This escalated such that phrases like the “wind turbine syndrome” came up. Parents also claim that the wind turbines are a threat to their children who may be lead with their curiosity and go the wind farms where that could get hurt by the turbines. All the same, opposition is expected in almost everything and people’s opinions cannot be brushed off and dismissed as there is some truth in everything.